1 PJ, a believer, who has a court date concerning custody of her children.
2 FdC, a leader among the MNK and his family, will be encouraged and grow in their faith.
3 The radio broadcast Sila Tilindingo, ST, will be heard in many compounds tonight.
4 SD and his family to have a good harvest physically and spiritually.
5 Pastor MS for good health especially his knee.
6 IS, for fruit as he shares the Gospel at a local hospital.
7 AN, who missed the gathering to have opportunities for fellowship.
8 MCL and her husband are asking prayer to increase their family.
9 YD, will seek to be obedient to God’s Word.
10 ST, the radio broadcast of Chronological Bible Stories, will touch many hearts.
11 DS, will continue to praise Christ for presenting him blameless before our Heavenly Father.
12 KC, will seek to be baptized in obedience to God’s Word.
13 AnJ, a believer in Dakar, will stay focused on the work of Christ in his life.
14 MNK believers to have a passion for reaching their people for Christ.
15 IF & AK, who have experienced tragedy in their lives to turn to Christ for comfort.
16 VT, from ID, will seek to know more about Christ and salvation.
17 Praise God that His Word is broadcast through the ST radio program.
18 Ndj, from Djd, will know that Christ is more than a prophet.
19 MSK, from MS, will that she is lost and in need of a savior.
20 AB, from Sum, will turn away from tradition and follow Christ with all of his heart.
21 Soon the full Bible will be available in the MNK language.
22 MS, father of MyS and JS, will see the emptiness in the sacrifice of a sheep.
23 YM, chief from MK, will realize that Jesus is the Lamb of God.
24 Many will hear the ST radio broadcast and place their faith in Christ.
25 AJ, from Dj, will realize the blood of a sheep will not bring forgiveness.
26 MD, SED Is leader, will encounter the One who can forgive sin.
27 FC, to choose between following the crowd and following Truth.
28 More discipleship opportunities for MNK believers.
29 SkD, rel leader in DjT, will yield to the Good Shepherd.
30 HK, head of the clinic in MS, will read her Bible and track the Shepherd.
31 DD, will realize he is lost and in need of a Good Shepherd.

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