1The Holy Spirit will fall on all the MNK who are hearing the Gospel and open their hearts.
2 Praise God for pouring out His Spirit on the MNK believers.
3 BbC, a health care worker, will humble himself and repent of his sins.
4 SC, a family friend, will realize her “works” our useless and turn to the Gospel.
5 Many will hear and respond to the message of repentance through the ST radio program.
6 BD a nurse from DS, will turn from her religion and seek the truth.
7 YM, chief of MK, will believe the Gospel and repent of his sins.
8 MS, MyS and JS’s dad, will give his heart to the Lord.
9 SD will have a good harvest to help support his family.
10 DD, a seeker, will realize God is faithful and worthy of worship.
11 NC & FF women from BN will remember the Gospel message and believe.
12 Sila Tilindingo, ST, will be heard clearly in many compounds without distractions.
13 KaF, chief of DjT, will believe that God loves him enough to pay for his sin.
14 LS, from Djd, will know that the God of Deuteronomy 7:9 is not the god of Is.
15 Ndj, chief of Djd, will see the hypocrisy in his religion.
16 MNK believers to desire to grow in their faith and love of the Lord.
17 MG, a mature believer in Dakar to mentor younger believers.
18 DS, a believer in Dakar, to fully trust in God’s Word.
19 Many will hear and believe in the grace of God as they hear the ST broadcast.
20 Travel mercies for volunteers and MNK who are coming to the conference.
21 Those leading and attending the conference will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
22 Malleable hearts ready to be molded by the Word of God.
23 MNK believers will have a sense of urgency to tell their friends and family the Good News.
24 Mature leaders among the MNK Believers will emerge.
25 VT, a MNK who professed Christ during the clinic last Jan. will be led be the Holy Spirit. 26 God’s love through His Word will reach many through the radio broadcast, ST. 27 AB, another who professed faith in Christ, will be a light to his family and village.
28 IS, voice of ST, will have an answer for those who taunt him.
29 KC will trust in the Lord in all circumstances.
30 The Bible translated in Mandinka will be printed and ready for distribution soon.

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