August 2013

1 YD would repent and turn his faith back to the One who can save both body and soul.
2 MD’s hunger for food during this time of fasting would draw him to hunger for the bread of life.
3 AnJ will not suffer persecution during this religious holiday and will have boldness to share the truth.
4 For the Mandinka Bible to be put in the hands of believers who can now read the Word of God in their heart language!
5 That Bj will come to faith in Christ.
6 Pray for the village of SED that their hearts would be open to the message of good news.
7 As Ramadan ends today, pray that many will realize that their “good deeds” isn’t sufficient to restore their relationship with God.
8 As life returns to normal following the month of fasting for the village of BB, they will begin searching for the truth.
9 FD would not allow the word of God to fall on deaf ears in her life.
10 KJ of Dkr will have another opportunity to hear the truth this month.
11 For the Bible study being hosted by a believer in SED; that the women attending grow in faith and would take the message to their families.
12 AdM will ponder the Bible stories he has heard and see them for truth.
13 YM to seek to find God.
14 Pray for clear lines of communication as the message with the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST goes out today.
15 Pray that the village of SMK will desire to know truth.
16 That Dr would hear and believe.
17 Pray blessings on all those who labored to get the Mandinka Bible in print!
18 That SD and his family would continue to be filled with the Spirit and not grow weary.
19 KaF’s heart will be softened to the Spirit’s calling.
20 Lift up the village of Djd that they will seek to k now God in truth.
21 That the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST will come through clearly and convict hearts.
22 The village of SI to recall the stories told when the group visited them and desire more.
23 FaD of Dkr will ponder the story of Creation to Christ in his heart this month.
24 MB will continue in faith and feel the Lord’s blessings this month.
25 MS to continue strong in faith and preaching the Word.
26 Skd will hear the Word of God and believe.
27 For God to get a hold of SMA and turn his heart to Him.
28 Pray for safe travels and the arrival of all of their luggage as the K’s return to Africa today!
29 That SI would not allow the temporary “power” he holds here to keep him from the one who has the power to eternally save.
30 MJ’s heart will be softened to hear the message of salvation.
31 ZJ will come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

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