1 AnJ will continue the course in following Christ and will not grow weary.
2 ALN will use his position to seek truth for the village of MS.
3 Open hearts to receive the ST as it is broadcasted this evening.
4 IF & AK would grow tired of the rituals and empty promises of IsM and seek God.
5 DjT would remember the work of the volunteers from years ago and the stories would continue to penetrate their hearts.
6 SS would find a way to grow in Christ and not turn back.
7 SD will feel the urgency of the gospel and boldly share this month!
8 IC will meet up with believers and get the questions he is asking about Jesus answered.
9 FN will encourage her husband to truly search for truth and not blindly follow the religious leaders in MS.
10 The radio program will be heard and understood as truth.
11 That the years of hearing about Jesus’ love would not fall on deaf ears with DD and his family.
12 SED would seek out those who know the truth and desire it for themselves.
13 PD would not only be a person of peace, but would find peace!
14 MS will be encouraged in her walk with the Lord.
15 YD will hear from God during this difficult time and remember that Jesus is the only way.
16 God will get a hold of FS and turn his eyes from the lies of IsM.
17 Those seeking to know God will hear from Him through the radio program, Sila Tilindingo, ST.
18 FD now living in Dkr with her husband will understand the stories being taught in class and believe.
19 That the stories told in SI would still be resonating in the minds of the people.
20 FC would desire a faith in the only One who can truly save.
21MCl and family will take the gospel to their extended family.
22 That God will hold up MG as he walks with him.
23 HK will realize that the good she is doing will not save her. Pray that she will find salvation.
24 Families will gather to listen to the radio program and believe as a group.
25 For the Bible study being hosted by a believer in SED; that the women attending grow in faith and would take the message to their families.
26 Praise that an eye clinic from years ago led to a chance to share with someone here in Dkr! Pray for FD’s family.
27 KF will not be at peace until he returns to the truth of he gospel.
28 KC’s light will shine brightly in SED.
29 KM will remain strong in faith and sharing.
30 CF SN will be praying to find truth.


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