December 2013

1 FdC, a believer who is working to help those being persecuted, pray for increased faith and wisdom.
2 The Holy Spirit will strengthen FtC, as she endures persecution from her family and neighbors.
3 BkD, men’s host in BB will begin to understand the power in the name of Jesus.
4 The return of the radio program ST to the Sedhiou radio for Gospel sowing.
5 FB, women’s host in BB for physical health and openness to the Gospel message.
6 The Holy Spirit will open hearts of the people of BB and the surrounding area.
7 AnJ, who made a profession of faith in Dakar to continue to grow in his faith in Christ.
8 SD and his family to have many opportunities to share the greatest gift of all.
9 SkD, religious leader of DjT will encounter the one who created the moon and the stars.
10 KaF, chief of DjT, will help the people of DjT have access to the Gospel.
11 The workers at the radio station to play the ST in the proper time and listen to the
12 Elders at DjT to see the futility of giving much of their crops to witch doctors hoping for blessings.
13 DD, his home village is DjT, believe with his heart and confess with his
mouth that Jesus is Lord.
14 ANb, a young woman who heard the Truth in Dakar to have opportunities to learn more about Christ.
15 MG and his family will share the Christmas message with their neighbors in Dakar.
16 YM, chief of MK, to realize his need for a savior.
17 NF, a woman who responded to the Gospel in MK will grow in her faith in Christ.
18 Many will hear and believe the Word of God presented on the radio through the ST broadcast.
19 BbC, nurse who often helps with clinics, will want to know more of the Christmas story.
20 FC who knows many Bible stories by heart will give his heart fully to the Lord.
21 DS, who is in Dakar, will seek fellowship with believers and continue to grow in his faith.
22 IS, as he shares the Gospel at a local hospital/clinic. Pray for him as he
manages his finances.
23 KC, a believer, as she grows through Bible study. Pray that she will remain strong in her faith.
24 Mat 1:21: She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."
25 Luke 2:11: For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
26 MS, our neighbor and father of MyS & JS, will search God’s Word for Truth.
27 YD, who has fallen away to ask forgiveness and believe in the Grace of Jesus Christ.
28 AlM, SD’s adopted son, will continue to grow in his faith and boldly share his faith with others.
29 PJ, and her children, that the court will grant PJ custody of her children.
30 BnC, the Dickinson’s language helper will see Christ through Josh and Trisha.
31 A hunger for the Word of God among the MNK people.

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