1 The needs met in BB by the medical team will point them to the only one who can truly heal.
2 IB, a father with a severely burned child who received medical care and heard the gospel.
3 The believer living across from BB, that he would be bold in sharing and a catalyst to BB coming to Christ.
4 For the young men in Ddj who were anxious to hear stories from the Bible again.
5 PJ, who was ministered to medically by the team for a serious leg wound, will also reflect on the gospel that was shared with him.
6 Those seeking to know God will hear from Him through the radio program, Sila Tilindingo, ST.
7 For the Bible study being hosted by a believer in SED; that the women attending grow in faith and would take the message to their families.
8 That the love shown by the team from Alabama to Ddj will cause many to accept the message they brought.
9 Praise that SI accepted the team coming and sharing with the village and that this would open the door for future ministry.
10 KC will have been encouraged by the American Christians and that she will be able to continue despite persecution.
11 The village of BN will ponder the message brought by the volunteer team.
12 For the 3 school teachers in BB who constantly fight the poverty in the area, that they would see their poverty of spirit.
13 Families will gather to listen to the radio program and believe as a group.
14 While storying in BN, a large group of women listened intently and re-told the Bible stories. Pray the memorized stories would touch their hearts.
15 That the witness from the team while staying in SED will cause MS to come to faith.
16 Pray for the 3 government officials in Ddj who received Bibles.
17 SD and family will not grow weary in sharing.
18 Pray for the chief of BB who heard the gospel presented again, that he would see the love from the team and take their words to heart.
19 I, T, E, & I who translated for the team will remain strong in their faith & will have been encouraged by their time with the U.S. Christians.
20 Open hearts to receive the ST as it is broadcasted this evening.
21 Pray for the high school teacher in Ddj who was seen by the medical team for an eye problem, that he would see his need for the truth.
22 For the group of men in BN who heard a very clear gospel presentation, that they would not keep the stories to themselves.
23 The boat driver to SI who had studied the K for 10 years would study the Bible after hearing the good news.
24 AlM would continue to heal and grow in his faith.
25 CB who drove bus for the team, that he will ponder the message he “overheard” all week!
26 Pray for the teacher in BN who heard the truth of the greatest teacher that he would understand and share with his students.
27 The radio program will be heard and understood as truth.
28 For the soccer team Ibr started with the goal of sharing Christ.


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