1 AnJ’s faith would continue in an unwavering fashion.
2 Those living in DS will begin searching for truth.
3 Pray for clear lines of communication as the message with the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST goes out today.
4 As we celebrate America’s independence, let’s pray for freedom in Christ for the Mandinka people!
5 InM and his family would come to call on Christ as their savior.
6 That even the thought of the fasting month would cause those in SED to seek the truth.
7 For the Bible study being hosted by a believer in SED; that the women attending grow in faith and would take the message to their families.
8 As Ramadan begins today, pray for the physical health of those fasting, but pray that they will hunger and thirst for everlasting water and the bread of truth.
9 That the truths taught in MY would penetrate hearts long after the message was given.
10 Families will gather to listen to the radio program and believe as a group.
11AdN would find salvation.
12 Our daughter Brooke turns 8 today! Pray that her life and witness for Christ will shine brightly in “Mandinka land.”
13 KF would not allow earthly desires to continue dragging him away from Jesus.
14 God will strengthen and encourage SD and his family as they live out their faith amongst
15 NS would see the blessing of new life in her family and desire spiritual health for those living in her household.
16 That those living in BiS would desire food that will not perish.
17 Open hearts to receive the ST as it is broadcasted this evening.
18 DM would seek to know God truly and lead his village in a Godly direction.
19 FF will have an opportunity to hear and ponder the word of God this month.
20 ND would realize it is not too late in life to find the true and living God.
21 IS would walk in faith during this “holy month” and cause others to seek what he has.
22 BD would be convinced of truth.
23 As the village of Dj celebrates Ramadan, God would convict hearts that the ways of Is are not satisfying.
24 That the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST will come through clearly and convict hearts.
25 Pray for YD’s health as he endures this trial but more importantly that he would be drawn back to God.
26 That God would hold up SnS, allowing her spirit and life to prosper so those in her family will desire salvation.
27 DBI would realize his power is nothing compared to the power of a living God!
28 AlM would continue to grow in faith.
29 Sk will want to lead his village in the path of righteousness found only through Christ.
30 That the village of MS would not continue living in darkness but desire to walk in light!
31 Pray that disciples would be made using the Bible stories being told over the radio program.


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