1 SS who has professed Jesus will become a fruitful Christ-follower.
2 MyS and JS who were baptized recently will continue in the path of faith!
3 Those living in BDJ will turn to the only One who can truly save.
4 DtD would desire God more than acceptance.
5 That the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST will come through clearly and convict hearts.
6 BbC will cry out ot God for salvation.
7 Continue to lift up YD that he will remain safe, healthy and will return to Christ.
8 PD will not only be a person of peace, but will find everlasting peace through faith in Christ.
9 SD will not grow tired or complacent but continue to remain faithful and fired up about God!
10 The leaders of BJ will desire the best for their people and see that following Ism is not the answer.
11 LD would seek truth for himself and share with DD.
12 Open hearts to receive the ST as it is broadcasted this evening.
13 God would use the grief in MF’s life to draw her to him and the comfort only received through salvation.
14 SlC would find believers here in DKR and see the difference in their lives.
15 SB’s profession of faith will not fade as persecution and family cares threaten to choke out her belief.
16 MG would be strong and faithful in his walk with the Lord.
17 SsB will turn from darkness and walk in the light.
18 God would get a hold of ID.
19 Families will gather to listen to the radio program and believe as a group.
20 BnC’s relationship with Christians who have since moved will still echo their message in his heart.
21 KbD of Dakar will hear the message of the truth this month and take it to heart.
22 DC will continue to heal physically but more importantly to find spiritual healing.
23 For the Bible study being hosted by a believer in SED; that the women attending grow in faith and would take the message to their families.
24 As those in MF prepare for the holy month of fasting, their hearts would be convicted of Truth.
25 The message spoken to AD over the years would be the catalyst to him believing.
26 Those seeking to know God will hear from Him through the radio program, Sila Tilindingo, ST.
27 As OS and family begin to get ready for Ramadan, they will really contemplate the reason for their fasting.
28 IC, here in Dkr would continue searching for truth.
29 That the relationships we have with FD and FaD through the English program will lead to faith in Christ.
30 KM’s faith would cause others to turn to the Jesus.


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