October 2013

1 I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.(2 Samuel 22:4, ESV)
2 Many will hunger for God’s Word during this time that the Sila Tilindingo is off the air.
3 The village DS as they count the cost of the sheep that they will buy, will look to God’s Sacrifice.
4 MkS, a neighbor, who just delivered a little girl. Pray for opportunities to witness.
5 AdM, a friend of DD who asks many questions will study God’s Word and seek the truth.
6 SD and his family to be refreshed as they return SED for school for the children.
7 BkD, host in BB, will open his home to again to Bible study and his heart to Christ.
8 FB, ladies host in BB will realize God’s power to heal and trust Him for salvation.
9 Many MNK will hunger for the Bread of Life.
10 FFt, a literacy teacher at BB, will have opportunities to read scripture and seek truth.
11 The people of BB will have a desire to learn about the attributes of God.
12 AB, who made a profession of faith, will grow in his relationship with Christ.
13 MS, a pastor in The Gambia, will continue to be a light in his community.
14 The MNK as they approach this holiday, Tobaski, and will realize this sacrifice is empty.
15 The religious leaders to tell the people that Abraham took Isaac on the mountain, not Ishmael.
16 Many MNK will thirst for Living Water.
17 Travel mercies and good health for the team coming from NC to work among the MNK.
18 The Holy Spirit will go before the team and prepare hearts and minds to hear the Gospel.
19 The seeds planted today will find good soil.
20 IS, the voice of the ST, will have work to be able to provide for his family.
21 The volunteers to have stamina as they share their testimonies among the MNK.
22 Sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit as the team ministers among the MNK.
23 Many MNK will seek the truth.
24 Jena is four today. Pray for Jena as she meets new friends.
25 Josh and Trish’s neighbors will be influenced by the team’s witnessing presence.
26 Believers and seekers will emerge from the testimony and teaching of the team.
27 AN, believer in neighboring town, will continue to grow in her obedience to the Gospel.
28 YM, from MK, will realize the void that is in his life and of his village and seek the one who can fill it.
29 BbC, and healthcare worker, will realize that God provided the sacrifice for Abraham and the world.
30 ADr, religious leader of MK, will realize the promises of God are fulfilled through Christ.
31 PJ, a believer who has been experiencing persecution will remain strong in her faith.

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