September 2013

1 For the SD’s boy as they seek treatment for a foot injury in Dkr. That the doctors here would know how to best treat this young man
2 It’s birthday week in our house: Conner turns 7, Piper will be 2 and Trisha isn’t telling how old she’ll be! Pray for us and our children that we will live for HIM daily!
3 Pray that the village of B would seek the Living God!
4 Pray for clear lines of communication as the message with the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST goes out today.
5 IF and AK would hear and believe.
6 Pray for YD as he has been released from prison and has been in contact with believers. Pray he will return to Jesus.
7 MC1 and family would be blessed and grow in their walk with God this month.
8 PJ and family would be strengthened in their faith and that God will work miraculous things in their lives.
9 Pray as the Kelly’s return, that they would be given words from the Holy Spirit to lead FC back into the faith.
10 That those living in S would desire everlasting life and search for the only One who can promise that!
11 Families will gather to listen to the radio program and believe as a group
12 DD’s ears would be open to the teachings of Jesus.
13 OC would question the beliefs of Is and see the truth from the Bible.
14 DS would be discipled in Christianity.
15 Pastor MS would continue in faith and be a strong witness to those around him.
16 MS would see the difference Christ has made in his family’s life.
17 That the leaders of BF would desire to worship the True God.
18 That the radio program, Sila Tilindingo ST will come through clearly and convict hearts.
19 Even though far away, IJ would still have an opportunity to hear the gospel.
20 MtK would accept the good news of Jesus Christ.
21 Pray for MB to find strength in the Lord and to continue strongly in faith
22 AN’s faith would be a light shining on a hill that cannot be hid!
23 Pray that the Word of God now in Mandinka would touch many hearts and bring MNK’s to faith in Jesus Christ
24 That those living in MK would turn from false teachings and find truth.
25 Pray that disciples would be made using the Bible stories being told over the radio program.
26 That VDJ would find salvation
27MK’s faith would be strengthened and that the cares of this world would not choke out his faith
28 FD of Dkr would hear the account of Creation to Christ again this semester and the truth would penetrate her heart.
29 MC would walk and not grow weary. Pray special blessings from God this month
30 FaD would really listen to the Good News this session and find faith.

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