April 2014

1 "Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. Matthew 7:24. Pray for wise MNK.
2 Many will seek freedom in Christ as they listen to the Sila Tilindingo via the radio broadcast.
3 MNK men and women will realize they are in bondage because following Is.
4 This is Independence Day for Senegal. Pray for the desire for true freedom.
5 MNK who have gone to urban areas looking for work to have opportunities to hear the Gospel.
6 SD and his family to be a witness as they
prepare to celebrate Easter
7 YM chief of MK will have dreams that reveal Jesus as Lord and Savior.
8MM, son of YM, will believe that God’s Word is true and choose to follow.
9 Many will be curious and want to know more of God’s story after listening to the broadcast of ST.
10 FtJ, a believer who listens to the Word in secret because of persecution. She is back in school.PTL!
11 MkS, will realize that Jesus has paid the price for her sins.
12 AnJ, who made a profession of faith in Dakar will find believers to fellowship and study the Word.
13 MG, a mature believer living in the capital, will lead his family to follow Christ.
14 YT will be strengthened after watching the Jesus Film.
15 VT to listen to the Word through the Proclaimer and share the Word with his family in ID.
16 Many will make decisions for Christ after listening to the ST radio broadcast.
17 MS, MyS & JS’s dad, will choose to read and study God’s Word.
18FC will weigh the cost and choose to follow Christ.
19 FaD, an ESL student, will continue to seek to know more about God’s Word.
20 MNK believers as they worship and praise God for the empty tomb.
21 MK’s wife who is in Dakar due to health issues.
22 KC, a believer will endure the persecution and be a light in her compound.
23 The radio personnel to listen to the ST broadcast and be changed.
24 People of peace in ND, as Richard seeks to start an new group.
25 Hunger for God’s Word in BT another MNK village.
26 DS who made a profession of faith in DK to seek fellowship with believers.
27 IS and his family will serve the Lord with Joy in their hearts.
28 Ndj, the chief of Djd, who had cataract surgery, will seek to know more about Christ.
29 ImF, the religious leader, will admit the limitations of Is and believe that Jesus is the Christ.
30 Holy Spirit will soften hearts as many listen to the ST though the radio broadcast.

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