June 2014

1 MNK believers to help develop indigenous music for worship.
2 VDJ, from S will realize Is does not hold true and search for God’s Truth.
3 YT who has professed faith in Christ will continue to grow in his faith and understanding of scripture.
4 The radio broadcast, ST, Sila Tilindingo, will be heard by many in the Sedhiou area.
5 Many will hear God’s word through the Proclaimer that YT has, and believe.
6 FtD, YT’s wife will see the difference that Christ makes in YT’s life and want to change.
7 AnJ, a young MNK believer in Dakar will seek opportunities for corporate worship.
8 SD and his family as they begin to prepare their land for farming.
9 YK chief of MK to hunger for the Word of God.
10 The women of MK to think of the creator as they harvest crops from their gardens.
11 Against distractions during the time of the radio broadcast of the Sila Tilindingo, ST.
12 FF from BN to remember the stories from scripture and realize she needs to repent.
13 KF, a former pastor from Guinea Bissau will be convicted of his sin and return to the straight path.
14 FaD, former ESL student, will have another opportunity to hear a Gospel presentation.
15 IS as he continues sharing his faith at a local hospital and with the soccer team that he coaches.
16 Peace in the town of Sed as the time for local elections approaches.
17 SS, young man who made a profession of faith will choose to be baptized.
18 Pray that the words of Christ will pierce the hearts of the MNK through the ST broadcast.
19 DD and his brothers who have been listening to God’s Word will believe Christ as Lord and Savior.
20 KaF chief of DjT will grow hungry for the Word of God.
21 KbD, a young MNK in DK, will realize that Is is empty and seek the Truth.
22 MCL & her family as they minister in Gambia and are a witnessing presence to their neighbors.
23 KC, a believer in SED will continue to study the Word and grow in her faith.
24 VT from ID will continue to use the Proclaimer to study God’s Word and encourage others to listen.
25 The Holy Spirit will open hearts of those listening to the radio broadcast, ST.
26 FtJ & FtC, young women who have experienced persecution for their faith.
27 PJ and her children as they continue live in a difficult situation.
28 DS in DK will seek Christian fellowship and Bible study opportunities.
29 MNK believers will seek to grow in faith through prayer and Bible study.
30 MS, MyS & JS’s dad, will be open to reading and studying scripture

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