July 2014

1 As the MNK begin this time of fasting that they will truly seek God with all of their heart.
2 God’s Word will be heard through the radio broadcast, ST and penetrate hearts.
3 SC, who is a wonderful cook, will begin to understand that the gift of salvation is available to her.
4 Let’s pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 for our nation and that the MNK will humble themselves before a Holy God.
5 KLJ who heard the Gospel in Dakar will seek to know more of Christ.
6 SD and his family as they spend time together during school break. Pray for refreshment.
7 MJJ, SD’s wife for good health. She has had some bouts of dizziness and weakness.
8 BkD, from BB, will realize God is a holy and jealous God and does not need charms.
9 Many will be still and listen as God’s Word is shared through the ST radio broadcast.
10 Cs, a mature woman who listened closely to stories about Jesus, but believes that He is only a prophet.
11 IF and AK as they go through this fast to see the futility in this and turn to the Grace of God.
12 FaD, an ESL student in Dakar, will recall the lessons he learned about Truth.
13 MNK believers during this month of Ramadan to keep their eyes on Christ.
14 The people of DjT during this fasting month that they will realize their need for forgiveness.
15 DD, who often hears the Word, will repent and believe that Jesus is Lord.
16 More people will happen upon the radio station to listen to the broadcast of ST.
17 Discernment in seeking new areas to share the Good News of Christ.
18 YM chief of MK, as he seeks to please God through fasting. Pray for conviction by the Holy Spirit.
19 YD, a believer who has had some setbacks will seek God daily and grow in his walk with the Lord.
20 IS and his family to stay strong through ridicule from haughty neighbors who are fasting this month.
21 KC to continue studying God’s Word and will grow in her faith. Pray she will be a light in her compound.
22 MK a baptized believer, who has had difficulties in business and family, will seek the Lord to guide his steps.
23 Good electricity as we get into the rainy season. Pray for hungry hearts for the ST broadcast!
24 YT, from S, to realize that Christ has made the only sacrifice necessary for salvation.
25 VT, from ID will continue to listen to the Word through the Proclaimer.
26 MG a believer in Dakar will continue to be faithful in his walk with the Lord.
27 MS, a pastor in Gambia, and his family, to have many opportunities to share God’s love.
28 The Holy Spirit will send dreams and visions to MS, MYS & JS’s father, revealing Christ as Lord.
29 The people of MS will desire to know more about the Jesus Road.
30 The director of the radio station that broadcasts the ST will listen and believe in Christ.
31 The people of BN will recall the stories that they have heard from God’s Word and hunger.

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