September 2014

1 More workers, career and volunteers with a passion for reaching the MNK with the Gospel of Christ.
2 FC, who has heard the Gospel many times, will be convicted of sin, repent, and share the Truth with his family.
3 That many will be challenged as they listen to stories from God’s Word through the radio broadcast, ST, Sila Tilindingo.
4 Men in DjT who have been listening to God’s Word through the Proclaimer and the weekly meetings will make a decision for Christ.
5 KaF, chief of DjT, will realize that the path he has been walking is a lie and turn to Christ.
6 KM, who is a believer, will continue studying God’s Word and seek to be obedient to the Word.
7 MNK believers will not react in fear to the Ebola crisis.
8 VT in ID who listens to the Word through a Proclaimer, will make a stand for Christ.
9 YT in S, who has traveled for more than a month will see the hypocrisy in Is and follow Christ whole heartily.
10 As many listen to ST, they will reflect that God
provided the sacrifice in place of Isaac.
11 BnC, who works with the Josh and Trisha with language. Pray that he will see Christ through their interaction.
12 AJ, Sed new mayor, will be a man of integrity, and governor with wisdom and fairness.
13 ANb, in Dakar, will seek to know more about Jesus, and chose to walk in His Way.
14 SD and his family for good health as we continue into the rainy
15 MtK, who has heard some stories from God’s Word, will desire to know more about forgiveness of sin.
16 PD, who has been sick recently to get well and to realize Christ, is the only way.
17 That the ST will play and many will hear the truth. Storms often disrupt the station.
18 FN & other women in MS will realize God does not need “help” from witchdoctors to protect their children.
19 ALN, mayor of MS to have dreams revealing Christ as Lord and Savior.
20 YD, a struggling believer, will be strong in his faith and a light to his family.
21 IS and his family will be encouraged in their faith and be bold witnesses for Christ.
22 BKD, male host at BB, he hears the Word, knows it is true, but is afraid to step out in faith.
23 The Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the women in BB to know that the Word is true.
24 As people begin to prepare for Tobaski, that they will remember the stories of Abraham through the ST broadcast.
25 IF & AK that they will seek to know more about Christ and believe that He is sufficient.
26 KC, a believer, to daily learn more of God’s love for her.
27 DS, to seek fellowship and corporate worship with believers in Dakar.
28 MNK believers as the Is. holiday Tobaski approaches. Pray that they will stand firm for Christ.
29 Believers in Gambia who have been under persecution to remain faithful and persevere.
30 Holy Spirit will open the hearts and minds on the MNK and cause them to realize their need for a Savior.

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