November 2014

1 Physical healing in the areas affected by Ebola and opportunities for spiritual healing.
2 MNK believers will seek fellowship and be strengthened as they worship the King corporately.
3 ALN, mayor of MS, will want to know more about the God of Abraham.
4 HK, who works at the clinic in MS will read God’s Word and realize her need for a savior.
5 Many will hear the Old Testament lessons and begin to understand through the ST broadcast.
6 The Holy Spirit will convict those coming to the group in DJT and draw them to Christ.
7 The religious teacher in DjT will have dreams revealing Jesus as Lord and Savior.
8 ANb will remember the things of God that she learned in the past and seek to know more.
9 SD and his family will continue to seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their ministry.
10 NC, host in BN will know that she is not too old to make a decision for Christ.
11 AdN, from BN will contemplate the scripture that she heard and realize she has needs a savior.
12 Understanding as many listen to lessons on King David and the Psalms through the ST broadcast.
13 KC, a believer will be a light in her family and to her neighbors.
14 AdM, who helps Josh with language, will begin to understand the scripture that they study.
15 Wife of MG, MG is a believer, pray that she will see the example of Christ in MG and choose to follow.
16 IS and his family to be encouraged as they continue to minister at a clinic and in a village.
17 CD, host in MY, will hunger to know the Word of God.
18 YS, in the women’s group in MY, will ponder the lessons she has heard and seek God with all of her heart.
19 Many hearts will be opened as they hear the Word through the radio broadcast, ST.
20 Believers in Gambia who are going through persecutions.
21 FdC, a leader of MNK believers, will strive daily to listen to the Holy Spirit.
22 YD, a believer who has struggled, will repent and turn completely to Christ.
23 Romans 12:9-21 for the MNK believers as they seek to be lights in their communities.
24 NS, FC’s wife, for health as she is expecting and for spiritual healing.
25 BnC, language helper, will see the example of Christ as he works with Josh and Trisha in MNK.
26 PF radio manager, will be touched by God’s Word through the ST broadcast
27 Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise(Psalm 95:2, ESV)!
28 MS, MyS & JS’s dad, will search the scriptures for Truth and find Christ.
29 AnJ, a believer in DK will continue to grow in his faith and
will share his faith in Christ boldly.
30 Church Planting Movement among the Mandinka people.

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