November 2015

1 Let them praise the name of the LORD, for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above earth and heaven. (Psalm 148:13, ESV)
2 MNK believers and seekers will gain a hunger for discipleship.
3 The rel leaders will begin to realize that the God of Abraham is not who they are worshipping and repent
4 Many will listen and discuss the Sila Tilindingo, ST, lesson broadcasted on the radio tonight.
5 MC, from Sim, who had a boil on his arm for physical and spiritual health.
6 MmF, young woman from Sim who listened to many stories from God’s Word will seek to know Him.
7 MG, a mature believer will disciple his sons as well as seek ways to encourage MNK believers.
8 SD and his family for good health and strength as they continue to share their lives with their neighbors.
9 YT from S will realize that he cannot serve two gods, and will truly surrender to Jesus Christ.
10 The elders in S will seek to know more of the road of salvation.
11 The Word to pierce hearts as it is broadcasted through the ST radio program.
12 The women in DjT who listen to God’s Word that they will believe that God loves them.
13 SkD, religious teacher at DjT will have dreams that reveal Jesus as Lord and Savior.
14 DS, a believer, will be able to bring his family to Dakar so they can be together and he can share the Truth with them.
15 IS and his family to trust God with their needs and desires. Pray for encouragement.
16 SBa, who helps the Dickinsons will want to know more about Christ as she sees the example through this family.
17 SC and MkS who help the Kellys will begin to see the
hypocrisy of their rel beliefs
18 Many will respond to the Gospel message heard through the ST broadcast.
19 NC, host in BN will have faith to accept the Gospel as the Truth and repent.
20 The rel. leader in BN to have dreams that reveal Jesus as Lord and Savior.
21 MNK in cities around the world to have opportunities to hear the Gospel.
22 Holy Spirit will raise up leaders among the MNK to promote a church planting movement.
23 Holy Spirit will raise up leaders among the MNK to promote a church planting movement.
24 AlM, reared in SD’s home, will stay strong in the faith and be a light in his community.
25 Praise God for the ST radio broadcast that reaches many each week with the Gospel.
26 And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy! (Psalm 107:22, ESV)
27 FdC, will be encouraged and continue to share the Gospel with his fellow MNK.
28 MaM who shows interest in the Word, will truly give his heart to Christ.
29 Boldness for MNK believers as they live out their faith in their communities.
30 AT in ST to have an open heart to the Gospel message.

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